Digital Woodcut

Engraving techniques where all the illustration have began!
Concept and Method

The woodcut emulation or imitation is spread across the digital illustration and is often used by many illustrators. When I began this research in March 2008 I wanted to bring to the computer the original technique with wood matrix imperfections.
To do my study-works I have created some digital xilo chisels that mimic the effect and the uncertainty of cutting wood. Later, I’ve also researched how to design a digital matrix studying a method to create textures of different wood types. The series of portraits that I’ve made seems very convincing without falling into drawing clichés on the computer, or rely on plug-ins or special filters.

Work made with digital brushes that imitate the wood chisels in digital. The backgrounds are true wood texture that I taked with my digital camera (all converted for B&W). <i>Digital Woodcut, 2008.</i> <i>Digital Woodcut, 2008.</i> <i>Digital Woodcut, 2008.</i> I have studied a bit the printmaking produced in North East of Brazil, mainly xilo... many of this production was utilized to publish the books named -- Cordeis --. <i>Digital woodcut, 2008.</i> <i>Digital Woodcut, 2008.</i> This work is the application simplified of a wood background texture. <i>Digital Woodcut, 2008.</i> This work is other manner to produces Woodcuts... a bit more simply and poor, with the brush erasing. <i>Digital Woodcut, 2008.</i> <i>Digital Woodcut, 2008.</i>