“Pattern is a consistent, characteristic form, style, or method. It can be a design of natural or accidental origin, an artistic or decorative design. It can create a flat surface or a sense of illusion. It can be frozen in time or created in time flow. It can be figurative or abstract. It can be an image of simplicity or a labyrinth of complexity.” Maja B. Jancic

Bibliography and Flickr Group

Since 2009 I’ve been interested in patterns. Initially my research was thought as decorative elements for some works and illustrations, but now is a branch of my studies about digital painting. I’ve compiled an extensive bibliography about this topic, mainly using the resources.
I’ve found many interesting authors as William Morris and Lewis F. Day.
Recently me and Maja B. Jancic, a Slovenian artist, have created a Flickr Group dedicated to the Pattern and Around.

In 2009 I knew the American illustrator Nathan Williams, very brave... and his informal and primitive signs pattern inspired me to begin to do studies about. <i>Digital Pattern, 2009.</i> <i>Digital Pattern, 2009.</i> In my books research about patterns I have found many books of Lewis F. Day, this is a exercise on page 55 of Design Pattern, edited in 1923. <i>Digital Pattern, 2009.</i> I thought in a series of pattern dedicated to all letters... this is the A letter. ;-) <i>Digital Pattern, 2009.</i> The design of patterns is a true art... You do not must be an Escher but we need clear rules... <i>Digital Pattern, 2009.</i> This flower is a simple vectorial form that was rotated and duplicated many times, after I have applied many rotations and translations along a path. <i>Digital Pattern, 2009.</i> <i>Digital Pattern, 2009.</i> Escher was a master of tessellations and intricate patterns, this pattern was inspired in a Escher pattern, its type is P31m. <i>Digital Pattern, 2010.</i> This study explores the tessellation type more easy of to build, the simple translations based in the square tesserae. <i>Digital Pattern, 2010.</i> I made this tesserae with many elements inspired on the Game Life patterns. <i>Digital Pattern, 2009.</i> <i>Digital Pattern, 2009.</i> A study for a possible pattern series dedicated to animals. <i>Digital Pattern, 2010.</i>