Digital Collage

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Idea and Methodology

At the end of 2008, I started some experiments with digital collage. My idea was making this technique less clear and perfect on computer, with cuttings resembling those obtained when ripping the paper by hand.
The cutout of a figure by hands let the image more vivid, remaining in the paper an irregular and colorless edge, showing its original texture.
I have developed the necessary methodology to yield this result on computer, but still there are few examples of this technique ... still are some details of the methodology that I would like to return to simplify and become easier and more intuitive the process.

This collage is made with cut of shapes digitally. The background of two profile forms are filled with newsprint screen and the right profile is made with a irregular border, like that obtained when you rip by hand the paper. <i>Digital collage 2008.</i> An exercise of digital collage with ripping method. The ripping effect is possible trough a path where we apply an stroke along it. The stroke can be any brush, pattern or solid color. <i>Digital collage, Gimp, 2008.</i> I like making collages with scraps figures of old magazines or newspapers... to make this in digital I have begun applying the newsprint screen in the images or forms ... <i>Digital engraving, Gimp, 2008.</i> This collage contains some of features that I think essential for this technique... mainly the improvisation. <i>Digital engraving, Gimp, 2008.</i>