Birds and Typography

Many birds are waking up every day for this project ... ;-)
What and Inspiration Project

In 2008 I started a research around birds combined with typography. The idea is building a typeface (font family digital) that can be used as a fill pattern of vectorial geometric shapes taken by birds. The American artist Charley Harper largely inspired this research.
Feathers' FontThe font creation is based primarily on the evolution of each Latin alphabet letter.
As from the letter evolution, different feathers were designed to arrange the “feathers alphabet”. So that each Latin letter is represented by a different feathery letter.
To the letter design I am using Inkscape (vectorial drawing) and for assemblage, FontForge (digital font software).
Painting works and deconstructionThe work will start from a series of classic digital paintings of South American birds, made with Mypaint and Gimp (software painting tools). From the classic representation I will go through the deconstruction of the subject with the vector drawing, and then I will develop interventions with the feathers' font in these forms, like a pattern. This will create shapes filled with a multitude of types of feathers. In fact for each letter, there will be a different type of feather.

I imagined to make a series of drawings and illustrations of birds, who knows this becomes something else ... but for now I do things for the pleasure of the classic and without the claim of a specific style. <i>Digital Painting, 2009.</i> I have used a brush that I designed for crayon emulation, but I saw that is possible emulate watercolor, p.e., it depends mainly of the blending mode that is applied on brush. <i>Digital Painting, 2011.</i> <i>Digital Painting, 2011.</i> An example how to will go applied the font in a vectorial form, in this case a wing. <i>Digital sketch, 2008.</i> I drew a little scheme, written in Italian, how is the design process of the font. <i>Digital sketch, 2008.</i> Plate II of A Hand Book To The Game-Birds [Vol. I Sand-Grouse, Partridges, Pheasants] by W. R. Ogilvie-Grant, London 1896. Larousse Pour Tous, 1907-1910. The feathers of the birds plate, page 22. Birds Useful and Birds Harmfull by Otto Herman, Illustrated by T. Csorgey, Manchester At the University Press, 1909. This is the image of the A. <i>Vectorial Drawing, 2009.</i> This is the image of the E. <i>Vectorial Drawing, 2009.</i> This is the image of the E. <i>Vectorial Drawing, 2009.</i> This is the image of the S. <i>Vectorial Drawing, 2009.</i> This is the image of the S. <i>Vectorial Drawing, 2009.</i> <i>Vectorial Drawing, 2009.</i> <i>Vectorial Drawing, 2009.</i>