Drawing drawings

Essentially lines, points and spaces ...

The drawing has many definitions, but as said by an old friend: "To understand something, firstly you need to know its meaning."
[ The Noun Drawing, 1913 Webster: The act or the art of representing any object by means of lines and shades; especially, such a representation when in one color, or in tints used not to represent the colors of natural objects, but for effect only, and produced with hard material such as pencil, chalk, etc.; delineation; also, the figure or representation drawn.]
I think it is an interesting, short and classical definition... and it is very useful to understand how the "draw drawings" concept has changed through the 20th century.

An old drawing made with pencil and ink in 1987. <i>China ink, paper, A5.</i> Study in ocher ink made in 1988. <i>China ink, paper, A4.</i> Bruna was a colleague in Accademia di Belle Arti. She made many informal paintings in classroom and I have draw her while she painted, 1987. <i>China ink, paper, A4.</i> This drawing is a study for a canvas painting, 1987. <i>China Ink, paper, A4.</i> Diana was a dear friend in the Fine Arts School, I did this drawing in the classroom while she has painting, 1987. <i>Pencil on paper, A5.</i> Studies did with blue ballpoint pen in 1987. <i>Ballpoint pen, paper, A4.</i> In 1987 I lived in Lama di Reno, a little town near Bologna... In this period I did many drawings of river Reno with thin black pens, perhaps of the Rotring. <i>Rotring pen, paper, A4.</i> In 1987 July I began live in a catholic school for the children and guys. This drawing is the first that I did there. <i>Rotring pen, paper, A4</i> My drawings in this period were very essential where the signs had the function to represent the things with economy, 1987. <i>Rotring pen, paper, A4.</i> I like particularly of this drawing because it tell something about a new period of my life, 1987. <i>Rotring pen, paper, A4.</i> Santa Catherina Instituto has a beautiful house at Caprile, Venetian Alps in Italy. I did many works, this drawings I made with little branch of tree and china ink, 1987. <i>Branch tree and ink on paper, 20 x 30 cm.</i> 1987. <i>Branch of tree and china ink, paper, A4.</i> 1987. <i>Branch tree and china ink, paper, A4.</i> All summers I gone to South Tirol in Italy. I loved long walks..., 1992. <i>Ballpoint pen, paper, A4.</i> 1992. <i>Ballpoint pen, paper, A4.</i> Karin Andersen, a dear friend, gave me a notebook for my drawings... at Caprile I began use it, 1987. <i>Rotring pen, paper, A4.</i> Monghidoro is a little town on the Bologna Apennines, that lake is near of the house where I lived in this summer..., 1988. <i>Rotring pen, paper, A4.</i> 1988. <i>Rotring pen, paper, A4.</i> Imola was where I lived many years... more than 20 years. It is a drawing I did with a branch of tree and china ink, 1989. <i>Branch of tree and china ink, Bristol paper, A3.</i> Modigliana is a small town near to Faenza in the Emilia-Romagna, Italy. In many summers I have been a Antonella house where I did many drawings an some paintings, 1996. <i>Ink on Ingres paper, A4.</i> 1996. <i>Ink on Ingres paper, A3.</i> In 1989 I have been one month in a old campaign house in Tusura, a bit km of Faenza. I have made drawings and paintings on paper for my conclusion painting course, 1989. <i>Branch of tree and china ink on Cansom paper, A2.</i> 1989. <i>Branch of tree and china ink on Cansom paper.</i> I do not remember exactly if this landscape is Modigliana ;-), 1995. <i>Pencil colors, Canson paper, A4.</i> Maddalena is a small locality near to Imola, in the Apennines. In 2006 I have been in the Anna house drawing many small landscapes sketches, 2006. <i>Pencil on paper, A4.</i> 2006. <i>Pencil on paper, A4.</i> 2006. <i>Pencil on paper, A4.</i> 2006. <i>Pencil on paper, A4.</i> 2006. <i>Pencil on paper, A4.</i> 2006. <i>Pencil on paper, A4.</i> In 1987 I and Kitao, a dear friend of fine arts school, we have been many times in Venezia to draw the calle e its houses... , was a good time and very fun to do them, 1987. <i>Rotring pen on paper 1987. <i>Rotring pen on paper, A4.</i> 1987. <i>Rotring pen on paper, A4.</i> Leme Brazil, 2010. <i>Rotring pen on paper, A4.</i> In 2010 I began again to draw in the new notebook with heavy paper..., Leme Brazil, 2010. <i>Rotring pen and pencil on paper, A5.</i> Leme Brazil, 2010. <i>Pencil on paper, A5.</i>