Doodling to explore others possibilities ...

I'm an illustrator with many interesting and I like to do experimentations with different midias and tools. Nowadays I'm exploring the emulation possibilities with brushes and engraving techniques with digital tools.

I've began in 2009 a research about digital brushes. My focus was and is how to produce the strokes very similar with the those produced with the real medias. It is very fun works with the possibilities of the digital brushes ... but is necessary, mainly, De Gustibus. Each jacket figure are the particular of the brush stroke at right side. Many software for digital painting using many system resources, mainly, Ram memory. So the idea is simplify the my brushes to render these fast and light. The basis to most of the drawings is a pencil... I began investigate how to produce the real effects with simple random doodles, and my admiration this tip works very fine. I've done some compositions... thinking how to visualize the strokes an great mural. I liked of this subject idea, a bit similar of the Mark Rothko works. Another strokes pencils composition on digital. Many of these strokes are very fine and real, despite to be digital. Is very fast drawing with these pencils and they are very light. A lettering exercise with the crayons and pencils that I did in digital. This study is an exercise of some possibilities of my digital brushes... it seems for an possible scenary of the Little Red Riding Hood. Composition with various crayon/pencil brushes made for digital techniques. Is very cute this series where anyone can be found something of interesting. I like many of the possibilities that the digital painting offers to the painters, illustrators, etc ... and all depends of its taste and culture. The last composition with a refined work of thin strokes pencil. When I have begun my research about digital brushes, my first attempts with digital, was to emulate the watercolor techniques. In 2008 I have begun a collaboration with Museu da Pessoa in São Paulo city, Brazil. I did many drawings, made in digital, to search a style for this task. For many of these figures I made some pattern backgrounds, that they are the only color note of the drawing. This work was made in digital. Some of these study figures did for Museu da Pessoa, they are very cute and I like of their imprecise and provisorious aspect. Work made in digital. This was the first sketch with pen that I made of this series. I have thought a Picasso Portraits and I used the shadow to create the profile portrait. I used digital painting to coloured the sketch. This the final work with various sketches inspired on the stories of women attacked by men in Brazil. Study for a judge portrait background. In 2009 I began a portraits series of the woman judges on Brazil Woman Court. The research was very interesting and I have made many sketches and drawings about this theme. This is the final work with the contrast among background and first plan. In the portrait are been written the stories of the women that are attacked by men in Brazil. Digital xilo where I did some brushes to emulate the imprecise cut in the wood. For the background pattern matrice I taked photos of many wood superficies. I think that studies about digital xilo are a good and consistent example of engraving emulation. I have begun this self-portraits, about digital xilo, taking some shots myself and after I did drawings. I applied colors, background and xilo cut strokes digitally. It is very common found digital xilo made with vectorial drawing software... but I thought to do in the pictoric way, using raster images. My major difficult was to create the brushes for the imprecise cut, own of xilo technique. Digital xilo with digital brushes specially done to emulate this technique. It is so imperfect but is so real! ;-) The background figures send to back to universe of the north brazilian, of the traditional xilo made for the Cordel Literature. For me the Collage is essentially a creativity task of to put order on the scraps chaos... when I began think this universe in digital world, my main preoccupation was how I could to cut the figures in this way. Digital collage made on digital. My digital research is mainly thought to produce handmade scraps, with the imprecise cut of the figures, another thing was how to get a soft offset prints. Study made in digital about the viscosity applied with some of my digital brushes. Some experiments with viscosity in a digital brush, this emulates with the variation on min and max value of color choice. This is a manner very simple to emulate the viscosity, but for only two colors. A time ago I made some studies on computer thinking in the tempera techniques. It is very difficult to emulate the velvety effect of this media. Morandi colors and tones for a small exercise emulating the tempera media. A politically correct exercise for tempera media emulated in digital. Recently I have made some works with an interesting software, Alchemy... the ways that it interacts with the drawing and painting is as to work with the chaos. It is very fun as this software works ... this drawing was made almost automatically from a library of subjects that I have created for the program. The stones are made with solid tint and after an strange tool that does multiple lines together along your trace line. I normally use a vectorial drawing software. This work is an exercise of the features possibilities of Inkscape to generate fractal forms, that I used for foliage tree. This is another simple experiment of fractal filter for paths with vectorial drawing. The pattern design is very beautiful and immersive, many concepts: art, history, geometry... I did a copy of an old pattern that I found old book of Lewis Day, Pattern Design, 1923. Vectorial drawing. For this pattern made with Inkscape I have used the translation and rotation. It could be interesting create others star letters. This has obtained with many ideas... the flower was made from Game Life Pattern with different centre point translations. After I refined the pattern digitally with a offset command. This is probably the one of first patterns that I made in 2009... essentially after that we have created the tile pattern, no matter how, we need apply offset command. An old pattern with doodle character of a funny square fish ... I made the tile digitally and after I've applied the offset to generate the tessera pattern. P31m is the symmetry group of the series tilings based on p3 (just 120 degree rotations).The p31m is the symmetry slighly different, because it contains also the reflections. This simple tesselation is based on the square tile, Escher used this with variations for immaginary creatures where he put other kind symmetries on the inner square. This digital woodcut is made with a brush properly designed for imprecise cuts... it emulates the noise and interaction among coif and wood. This series began with some little painting on paper that I made in 1997. This work is made on digital, I like ever watch it. Remember a while 'the figures of Picasso, is only one chance ... I live by looking scribbles or finding of the figures. It had made in digital. Many times when I begin drawing the doodles almost ever goes out these strange creatures... It made in digital with my pencil/crayons brushes. I love drawing the sketches in digital as ink pen and then stained the line ink to create shadows zones. A study, made in digital, for my zoo of the imaginary and strangers creatures. This series is not continued... occasionally I create a new creature. I love the aligators, perhaps because his ancestry. I like drawing the figures in chaotic way and without a exact scope. In 2009 with my friend, Luciana Giraldo, we were thinking to produce the small works for the children. The aspect simplistic and elementary is a thing desired. I have drawn this character thinking a story for a pelikan in love ... it was made with vectorial software. I drew many figures of aligators and now I'm thinking to organize them for a possible story. It was made in digital. This is one of first drawings that I did digitally about alligators.