About Me

Many things I've been doing ...

I'm Illustrator and graphic designer and I studied Fine Arts at Accademia di Belle Arti di Bologna in Italy (1985~1989), where I lived until 2007. Nowadays I'm living in Brazil and I'm almost finishing my Painting and Engraving studio of at Leme - São Paulo.
There I pretend to work with the integration of these languages.
I hope you enjoy my works and also to have your impressions and comments about them.
Thanks, Americo | 01/2011

To create digital painting an illustrations I've been using only free software that runs on linux. Now I'm studying a series of brushes for GIMP, the software that I prefer most of the times. But lately I've been doing some experiments with Mypaint, Alchemy and Sumopaint ... I'm an artist that likes mainly the media experimentations (digital and natural medias) ...

window compositions - strokes of digital pencils - series 9B
Some strokes with a brushes series for gimp dedicated for crayon media.Digital Painting, 2009.