Painting, Illustrating, Painting ...

Painting and illustration are languages of silent notes. Both need time and hard work to be developed. Nowadays, in times of technology and marketing, it is very difficult to truly be creative, sometimes the work is only a technical exercise dictated by the market or following the current mainstream style.
Painting and illustrating are challenging and articulate tasks - at its best new techniques or technology expand the creativity and the work of the oldest ateliers. The technique, the technology and the media must be totally connected to creativity, instead of simple performance.
The path is to work with humility, modesty and sincerity.

Antologia Fantastica de Borges - Folha de São Paulo, 2013.

An old concept that I've reused to make a version to the "Antologia Fantástica do Borges", for the Folha de São Paulo. [Digital Painting, 2008-2014].